sellpenSome people can market pretty much anything (as in “Sell me this pen!”) but my sweet spot is the higher-end, less tangible products. I love presenting a complicated, life-changing experience clearly and succinctly so that people can get an idea of what it will entail and what benefits they will gain. This is why I have gravitated toward marketing world travel, adult education and various online services, rather than, say, consumer packaged goods. Since earning my MBA I have worked in product development and marketing for Learning Tree International, Ulead Systems (a software company now part of Corel), Kinko’s (now FedEx Office), a variety of dot-coms, DevelopMentor and Viking Cruises.

This is an especially fascinating time to be in the marketing field. Now more than ever, marketing drives the product development life cycle. Marketing works interactively with consumers before, during and after the purchase—through market research, online messages and social media—if you’re doing it right. And we have more ways to communicate with our customers than we have ever had in the past.