My passions are many and varied; here are just a few, in alphabetical order.


Too big a subject to tackle here, but I will travel to another city to see a Calder or a Caillebotte exhibition, and I think some part of me lives at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.


Why do we say the things we say? Why is spelling so random? I have always been fascinated by linguistics in general, but especially by the endless vicissitudes of the English language.   more


A lifelong bookworm, I’ve now supplemented my reading with public radio. In addition to National Public Radio news shows Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and All Things Considered, I cannot get enough of podcasts like This American LifeSnap Judgment and The Moth. Is there a 12-step program for this addiction?


Another new pursuit is succulents. I always liked them but now I am learning so much about their infinite varieties and about how to care for and propagate them. Southern California is succulent heaven—they are drought-tolerant and here there is no need to protect them from frost. Yes, I am gloating!

Theater & Film

My husband and I love to attend theatrical productions, both classic and contemporary. We subscribe to the Mark Taper Forum and the classical theater A Noise Within, and we go to other productions on an as-needed basis—for example, we are Nöel Coward completists, so whenever anyone does a Nöel Coward play, we will go. Also Molière. And Shakespeare of course, but if you love Shakespeare ANW will hook you up.

We also love films, both mainstream and arthouse. We buy Laemmle tickets in bulk; need I say more?


There is nothing like it to expand your horizons and rock your world. I’ve been to quite a few places now—some of which I would love to see again—and I hope to visit many new places.   more


I used to do it for a living; it had everything. Words! Design! Geekiness! Once a typographer, always a typographer. I still study fonts—sometimes with admiration and sometimes with scorn—and try to keep up with developments in the field.